Ecclesfield Priory Players

Ecclesfield Priory Players is an amateur theatre group presenting three productions a year in our own EPPiC Theatre.

Our Society was formed by 6 local people on 29th September 1932. We think we are the oldest drama group in Sheffield.

For 90 years the audience have seen nearly 400 members perform nearly 200 plays and many other productions. Unseen by the audience even more members have built the sets and painted scenery, controlled sound, and lighting, prompted, sourced furniture and props. mashed tea, maintained the theatre, designed publicity, provided administration and IT support, and together even built the EPPiC Theatre.

Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings members enjoy the production process and the social interaction and friendships. It is easy for you to become part of our group. Just visit the theatre for a chat or you can telephone or email us

We are a friendly group offering a warm welcome to new members. We welcome all, whether experienced in the theatre or completely new to it. Ecclesfield Priory Players believe that for a successful production, the backstage jobs are just as important as the onstage roles.   

Like many theatre groups we ALWAYS have need of more members so that we can perform a larger selection of plays with a different mix of characters. Experience is not essential as you can take on roles at your own pace in your own comfort zone. If you are interested in helping backstage and front of house then you only need enthusiasm and experience will follow. After 90 years our enthusiastic members  want to continue being a part of the community bringing entertainment and friendship and a place to feel at home.

Our very varied range of skills and enthusiasm fit together to make a circle which can just get bigger the more members we have. No one is on the outside.

The EPPiC Theatre is owned and managed by Ecclesfield Priory Players.

The EPPIC Theatre name was chosen to create the vision of Ecclesfield Priory Players in the Community. 

The EPPiC Theatre...

...was created with the hope that it would be well used by others and of course the income helps to cover the running costs.

...has been hired by The High Green Musical Theatre Group for their rehearsals and productions since 1989.

...can be hired with stage and lighting facilities by touring groups and individual performances - please contact for details.

...offers facilities for the local community for society meetings and events - please contact for details.


A member of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain