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EPP Presidents
These limited records for our Presidents were compiled in 2022 from archive material.
FRANK  N GREEN     1932-1934
Frank was appointed President at the inaugural meeting of Priory Players in September 1932.
The first Chairman appointed at that meeting and founder of Priory Players was the curate, Rev Norman Braham, who married Winifred Higgins and together went to live in Collie, a mining town in Western Australia in January 1934.
Frank became Chairman in late 1933 and continued to be elected in that post until 1938. 
He acted in 6 of the first 7 productions
The first new society rules were then drafted to include a role for a President who was to be invited to hold the post for a year.
MRS DREW    1934-1936
Mrs Drew accepted the invitation to be the first President of the society after the AGM held October 1934 in the Gatty Memorial Hall and for a second year after the 1935 AGM.
Mrs Fletcher was invited to become President for the year after the AGM held October 1938 in the Gatty Memorial Hall but there are no minutes to say if she accepted.
Professor Hay was acknowledged as President in the programme for Yellow Sands in March 1939 
WORLD WAR     1940-1945
The society members did continue to meet to read plays during the war years but did not perform. Some of the members were away in His Majesty’s Forces.
Guy was invited to become President for the year after the AGM held in the Gatty Memorial Hall in November 1945. He was re-elected many times “unanimously”.  
He acted as Chairman at the society’s AGM.
FRANK BRADBURY     1961-1978
Frank was an active supporter of the society in practical and financial ways and the members held him in high regard. He went up the ladder to replace all the guttering when the society purchased “The Dungeon” on Town End Road!!
1975 Life Membership was awarded for his contribution to the society
HAROLD JONES  A.L.A.M.(acting)     1979-1992
Our society minutes record that Frank Green said he would “get a boy to play Birkinshaw”. Harold was that “boy” in his first performance in 1935 in “London Wall” and his last part was in 1992 in “Aladdin” when he was the “Emperor of China”.  He performed in 33 plays over 7 decades and was Producer for 14 plays and a member of the cast in 8 of those. Between 1945-1948 he was Chairman of the society. 
1989 Life Membership was awarded for his contribution to the society
LES BELL     1993-2011
Les joined the society in 1971 and performed in 4 productions. He would serve as the Chairman for the society AGM. Artistic talents drove his passion for painstakingly painting the set and backdrop scenery. Engineering talents were used to design and help build the production sets. Les’ talents came together when he was the Building Co-ordinator for the conversion of Trinity Methodist Chapel into the EPPiC Theatre. He knew where every nut and bolt fitted. It was a very time-consuming occupation for several years and now a legacy to his dedication to finish the job.
Life Membership was awarded for his contribution to the society
TOM TRAVIS 2012-2023
Having joined the society in 1977, which was a royal Jubilee year, Tom's first performance was in the appropriately titled production “Queen Elizabeth Slept Here”. 
He acted in 66 plays and was Producer for  2.
Tom often had the leading role and was equally in demand in farce, comedy, and drama.
Jean joined the society in 1967 and has been very active in all aspects of membership ever since, serving on the Committee in several roles prior to becoming President. Jean has acted in 89 full length plays and been producer for 10 more. At the time of her elction to the role of President, she was in rehearsals for her 100th production. Jean was gifted an engraved glass paperwight to mark the occasion. In addition Jean has performed in the two Music Hall shows in 1972+1973 and several other productions and charity fund raising events. 
Jean now holds the gold EPP President Pin.
2016 Life Membership was awarded for her contribution to the society.