EPP Sets from 1967

EPP usually produce plays which were originally designed for and performed by professionals in large London theatres.
Our Producer and Set Designer read the script and decide what aspects of a set are essential.
Together they design a set which can allow the actors to perform the play on the stage to be used.
The Lighting Designer then works with them to ensure the lighting is effective and safe and enhances the performance.
Each set will be built with a different combination of stage flats of varying sizes .
Stage flats are wooden frames with canvas stretched across.
Doors, windows and staircases determine the layout, and these are fitted once the flats are fastened together and secured for safety.
The flats are then painted and finally the sets are "dressed" with furniture etc to suit the play and the period and any "props" to be used by the actors.
Some of these sets were not finished when the photos were taken.