Past Production - 61

a drama by Edward Percy May 1974

Murder . blackmail and comedy.

Villain number one has a host of unpleasant traits, the most damning of which is his supposed homosexuality. Evidence: he wears silk underwear. Villain number one is blackmailing villain number two.

Villain number two is a Frenchman with a secret. Villain number two runs an antiques shop and conceals a smelting plant behind his fireplace. His daughter notices that the mantelpiece is uncommonly warm, but suspects nothing.

Meanwhile, she and the other clean-living young folk find idle pleasure in teasing their elderly housekeeper and her ignorant working-class ways.

This production was originally to take place in March but had to be delayed because the hall was unavailable due to the Miners Strike,

Fast forward to see photographs of the productions in 2002 in the EPPIC Theatre