Past Production - 1

a play by Walter Hackett February 1933

The action takes place during one evening in the library of Ambrose Applejohn’s house in Cornwall. At the opening,the play seems likely to develop into a spy story.

In the second act, it becomes a piratical dream, with much swash- buckling and rum and cursing.

The third act brings forth "crook" drama, and then at the close the audience is left wondering. For Mr. Hackett, with his ingenuity has found romance for Applejohn and cured him of his desire for adventure.

This was the first play performed by Priory Players.

The play was written in 1921 and was a hit in the West End for 18 months. It was also performed on Broadway under the title Captain Applejack for 6 months at the same time.

It was adapted into a silent movie in 1921  and then a sound film movie in 1931 and then a stage musical in 1933.