Past Production - 170

a comedy by Stephen R Davies 12.05.15 - 16.05.15

“Estate Agents are trustworthy. Ethical, professional, business people and upstanding pillars of the community who have an immense amount to contribute to society.”             

So says Derek Figge of Cascara and Figge (moving the nation since 1927) He will do almost anything to get a sale. No, wait a minute; he will do anything to get a sale. Lie, cheat, steal, de-fraud you name it. However, it is all about to come crashing down around his neck. Estate agents for sale boards are going missing all over town. But strangely, not Derek’s. The office gets burgled.

Derek puts in an ambitious insurance claim. A disgruntled client decides to take the law into her own hands and takes Derek, his pregnant assistant and an off duty Policeman captive (albeit unintentionally) at the point of a loaded Baguette. In an effort to get Derek to tell the truth (for once) his assistant uses her newly found skills in hypnotism on him. Oh dear, oh dear! He’s in trouble now. Who is Sid and will somebody shut that alarm up?