Past Production - 56

a thriller by George Batson November 1971

The story concerns Jane Palmer, widowed young artist, who is involved in sinister happenings when she rents charming but lonely Brook Hollow. The cottage had been the scene of murder years before and Jane finds a new mystery when a corpus is discovered practically upon her arrival.

Surrounded by uneasy neighbors numbering Kitty and Peter Collier and Fred, a former suitor, Jane soon finds reasons to suspect all of them.

Events become more puzzling when Steve Taylor, handsome and just out of the army, arrives and declares he has been invited to come live at Brook Hollow by the mysterious slain man.

Jane, too, is considered a suspect and is swiftly plunged into unexpected thrills, comedy and romance. At the end of the play in a terrifying climax she, at the risk of her own life, employs a strategy that cleverly exposes the killer.