Past Production - 89

a play by Allan Langdon Martin October 1986

Kathleen Dungannon loves Kenneth Wayne, but her stubborn uncle has vowed that no one of his line shall ever wed a Wayne.

Pressed for an explanation, he tells a fifty year old story that comes alive in a flashback. Uncle John and one Jeremiah Wayne were in love with Moonyeen Clare. She chose John and Wayne became wildly jealous. Drunk, he forced his way into the house on their wedding night, attempted to shoot John and accidentally killed Moonyeen.

He continues firm in his opposition to the modern romance until the spirits of Moonyeen Clare and Sarah Wayne, Kenneth's mother, get a message across that softens his heart. He dies and joins his spirit bride leaving the lovers free to marry.

The stage area of the new EPPiC Theatre was used for the first time 10 July 1986. It was still concrete and dusty. Nothing installed and lit by just a single lamp.