Past Production - 35

by William Douglas Home November 1959

Shelia and Jimmy Broadbent have rented a flat in London to launch their daughter on Society.Shelia has invited every young man that her daughter Jane danced with at a party the night before to the flat in the hopes that she can find a husband from amongst them

Mother is doing a bit of matchmaking for her daughter before her debut. Father wishes they'd both forget the whole thing and save him the thousands of pounds. But Mother is one tracked on the point; and besides, she has to do a better job of matchmaking for her daughter than her friend does for hers.

A knock kneed aristocrat flops all over himself proposing to the girl, but she has her heart set on a dashing man about town; so much so that even Father gets worried.

But things turn out nicely when the dashing one comes into his own titled inheritance.